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Fallout new vegas modding help.

fallout falloutnv modding help

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Sorry for the repost, wasn't aware there was a fallout only section till I googled it literally a second after the first one. If you delete one for spam have it be the first one please, and sorry im advance admins if its a problem.



So recently I made the switch back to pc gaming to play a few singleplayer games and such and of course fallout was my first destination. I modded fallout 3 with relative ease (Without the use of ENBs granted)  but eventually ran out of things to accomplish so I moved on to fallout NV to try and replay it on a next gen feeling experiance. This would soon prove... problematic, as I went so crazy with item mods and such that everytime I loaded in a simple graphics mod I couldnt walk more then 5 feet without running out of memory. Now I don't have a amazing pc, and my knowledge is limited even further then what the youtube videos show me somehow, and keep in mind that the memory problem was fixed through a fresh install including the deleting of the data folder and such after uninstalling steam. Now for the problem, and sorry about the harry potter novel but it is what it is. After the fresh install I was looking for a decent graphics setup and I found a video by 'NCRvet' On youtube talking about the very topic of graphical improvements I wanted to see (link here ). To spare everyone the 12 minutes its a mod showcase showing the amazing mod setup he has and the list, in order of what needs to be downloaded with links, in the description. Now, I currently watched the same youtubers video on ENB installation and found myself at a weird spot, whats known as the 'black screen' after install. Now before you write what I have seen already, yes, I turned off antialiasing and s*** in the fallout startup menu, yes, I typed in everything I needed to in the injector and enblocal files in the falloutNV folder, so thats out of the question. Now I do have the 4gb patch and fallout NVSE installed and working, and I know those cause problems for people so that could be my problem, but other then that I don't know what to do with it that I havent already done or what to do if thats not it.


Now for the proposal. I see this game as he plays it and I want it, but if I have to spend one more day on this clueless as to fix it that I might try to play football with a train. As I wrote on 'NCRvets' twitter in a almost desperate attempt to get this working, if anyone can send a fallout nv folder even somewhat like that one I would be willing to pay for the trouble. I am 5 days into trying to get a cool looking game and I give up the DIY approach, especially after trying ENBs.


Anyways, I hope someone pulls in clutch with this, but if nobody does I will understand.

I would prefer you reach me at my steam ilikenuggets1 (yes, I know its an old name I promise) but if you reply here I will see it anyways.

-Thanks, whateverMyNAmeIsOnThisForum

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