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Compatibility Mod: Project Nevada & A World Of Pain

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requesting compatibility mod for Project Nevada and A World of Pain

Project Nevada: greatest mod ever made

A World of Pain: perhaps, second greates mod ever made... adds 97 new locations (some don't have map markers)... any mod that adds more locations, let alone more "things" to blow up... IS AWESOME !

Imagine, 97 new locations, meaning that's 97 new ways to travel from Point A to Point B while blowing $h!t up all the while doing it Nevada Project style !

i can dream can't i !!!!!



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these two mods work fine together though. As far as I know AWOP does not add new armors so why would a patch be needed?




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these two mods work fine together though. As far as I know AWOP does not add new armors so why would a patch be needed?

Just want to have said beforehand i love this mod and am currently really enjoying it ^^ with that said!

*Necro's a superdead thread* I could come up with a reason! A really nice addition would be if AWOP could utilize Project nevada weapons & armor which is otherwise a bit unrepresented in the game, Add alternate methods of getting it's common or even rare weapons and such (AWOP already did it with Love & Hate and That gun from the vanilla game so it's not like this would be a big shift) Over the kinda dumb MK2 weapons & gear added to make artificial difficulity as is, Project nevada already amps up the game difficulity so he could reset those to regular weapons without a big shift (meanwhile an MK2 weapon in a players hands is insane at times and can potentially break the game) - So in essence what would this change bring? A third choice from "No loot enemies explode" - "Overpowered loot" and the new "Project nevada loot" cause let's be fair here guys, Who really plays new vegas without project nevada anymore? 

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Most of the PN gear sucks or is restored Fallout 3 stuff. Few people actually use the equipment or even Cyberware modules.


PN doesn't make the game more difficult at all, it makes it easier by nerfing the amount of hit points enemies have. That said I feel that mountain of HP is artificial difficulty, where as enemies that hit harder with the ammo introduced in NV and the Mark II (or M) weapons is more balanced. Few people can agree on such. AWOP was balanced for vanilla HP scaling not for the Project Nevada's easy mode scaling. PN also alters NPC behavior in the same way that FWE did, and it's quite broken in reality, unbalances the game, and flat out breaks some things like Dead Money. This is the same way that FWE broke Fallout 3 AI with for ex, Liberty Prime walking off the bridge to who knows where. PN is a great mod, but it wasn't tested that well and it's full of bugs, but we all put up with it because the benefits outweigh the costs. AWOP also comes with a patch to disable the MKII weapons if you don't like them.


You can of course, create your own patch. It's pretty easy to place things around the world as you like, learning a bit of GECK will get you there pretty quickly.

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