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Mod Request - quest completor

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Does anyone know if its possible to make a mod that sets certain quests as complete on starting a new game, so that one doesn't have to keep doing the early minutemen/brotherhood/diamond city quests when they start over. I know there are console commands for setting quest stages etc, but as far as i can tell these just mark the quest as complete the events don't actually happen as they would if you went and did the quest.


Would it be possible to make a mod that runs all the necessary scripts for say, the brotherhood fire support mission, so that one could run up to the police station in a brand new game and have everyone act as if said quest was already done?



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Theoretically possible? Yes. However, this would be extremely buggy to add to a game, and it can be very easily abused, and break games. For that reason, I don't think most modders would create such a mod, because of the number of people who would abuse it, and then turn around and blame the mod author.

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