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The tall tales & tragedies of the Chattering Scroll Inn

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Reona awoke screaming, and pushed herself onto her hands and knees, tears streaming down her cheeks. She punched the ground as hard as she could, splitting her right knuckles, despite the shelter of Kalin's gauntlets. Picking up her sword, she slowly advanced toward Rhaine, her hands clenched tightly around the hilt of her sword, and sniffled, before whispering in a broken voice, "I can't feel Kalin's mind anymore." She wiped the wetness from her face, streaking it with dirt, as if wiping away her emotions along with her tears. She swept her electric gaze over her surroundings and coldly growled, "I'll kill them all."

Kismet grabbed Reona by the back of her top and pulled her back. Letting her emerald eyes leave the enemy just once the Drow looked serious and had lost her grin.

"No child, you will not. What you will do is to go. You will live to fight on and find your missing friends, because more are coming from the depths of this place. Can you not feel it?"

Kismet looked back quickly and then a great wail of a thousand voices could be heard from the depths of the cavern. The Drow began swearing creatively in several languages as she slowly began to back away from the remaining liches.

"I will cast the darkness and we will make our way, with most haste from this place. Then in safety we will plan what to do about this. None of us are in shape to fight much longer and there is no sense to go into a losing situation. My people understand revenge is a dish sometimes best served cold." Kismet closed her eyes and began chanting softly, darkness began to form on the floor before them.

"At my words, run to the entrance as quickly as you can. Do you understand?" Kismet shook Reona a bit her shirt still gribbed in the Drow's strong hand. However Kismet's words gave no room for argument as the wailing from below grew louder each second.

"Are you ready?"



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Rhaine plunged her flaming sword into the last lich and shouted to Reona, "Kismet is right! We need to go! Ellundil and Kalin will be fine together, I'm sure. We can work out a plan to get to them later!"

As much as she regretted doing so, they had to retreat. They were exhausted, and there was only so much longer she could hold up her blade barrier. She frantically looked around for something to identify the liches - anything to give them a lead...

There. Pinned onto one of the lich's robes was a badge, formed into a symbol she recognized all too well. Rhaine tore it from the creature's clothing, clutching it tightly. It was just the thing she needed. The priestess then turned to Kismet, ready to lift her blade barrier spell on the Drow's word.

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Reona's expression softened slightly from cold and emotionless to one of deep thought, and she averted her gaze from her friends for a few seconds, hearing their enemies' rough cacophony of shrieks and wails from far off, then mumbled, "You're both right. I'm not strong enough anyway."

Now's not the time for self-pity or thinking, Arva said, scowling at her statement, There will be time for all that later. Now, all you should be doing is running.

I know, she replied, It's not pity, it's truth. I'll not delude myself into believing I can win against so many.

I... suppose you're correct.

Feeling Kismet release her, she mumbled, "I'm ready."




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as the old mage wanders past a bakery he is drawn inside by a most alluring scent of honey baked loafs, exiting the bakery with his hefty load of baked good he looks across the way at the great oak, casts a levitate spell and enjoys his meal with a family of squirrels before taking a well deserved nap right on the spot.

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