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Automated Gear Production and Commonwealth Armed Forces Mod Idea

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I was on a forum and saw that the old version of Modern Firearms (pre-deletion) had a vending machine that produced the unique parts to build the weapon mods for the modern weapons. And I thought... So a vending machine that produces weapon parts... Now if only someone would make a mod that automatically creates weapons from schematics and equips it to your settlers wearing specific uniforms while drawing the required materials from a chest or storage connected to the machine. I was thinking maybe thenplayer could equip settlers with "soldier rings" that links them to the weapon/armor machine so whevener the machine finishes producing the gear, the gear automatically gets put into the inventory of a settler wearing the "soldier ring". You could potentially create a uniform army with automated gear production machines that drew resources from the machines' local storage or the settlement's workbench. This would allow some settlements to focus on mainly resource scavenging while the others could focus on food and water production. There could also be a giant circular plate similar to the red vs. blue plate found in Wasteland Workshop that'd allow you to assign 9 settlers wearing the "soldier rings" to squads and send those squads (via out of workshop mode interface with the plate) on patrols, search and destroy, or even long term recon missions across the Commonwealth.

For example the interface would act something like this: Squad 1 - Patrol - Airport

And Squad 1 (automatically equipped with gear from the automated equipment factory) would walk along the roads of Boston, taking the shortest route, to the Boston Airport and stay around the perimeter of the Airport acting as guards or a checkpoint until you recall them via Squad Plate. Search and Destroy would make the selected squad to travel to a nearby hostile encampment and neutralize hostile forces and bring back any and all "junk" items as they can carry for building materials (but that's 9 men, so that might be fruitful). Reconnaissance would be similar to the patrol option but the selected squad would travel to a random area of the map and report any enemy encampment they see, not attack it, and stand by and await further orders (which would either be a Return to Base or a Hold Position). RtB would cause the recon squad to return to base, obviously. But HP (Hold Position) would allow that squad to stay there for about a week until you travel there and order them personally to assist you in raiding that location. The Recon option would be like sending them on a Patrol but allowing them to aid you in raiding like a Search and Destroy operation.

Tell me what you guys think.

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