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Quick Power Armour Deployment System (Q.P.A.D system)

power armour crafting station flair grenade

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The idea for this mod was so that your could call in or deploy a suit of power armour at a moments notice. This could mean that you don't have to go back to your base and grab it if you don't already have it on you, or you can switch out your suit of power armour for a more specialised one that is more suited for what your about to do.


Using the QPAD system, or "Cupid" system, is much like using a synth relay grenade in that all you as the lone wanderer has to do is throw a specific grenade or flare that then tells the suit of power armour where to land. When the flare has been set the power armour can appear in two ways, depending on which one you pick or which super power faction is still in play, as it can appear through teleportation (Institute Tec) or through being doped from the sky (Brotherhood Tec). The design of the grenade/flare depends on what form of power armour deployment you chose, and can be crafted in a chemical crafting station much like other flares and grenades.


An additional modification would be to alter the power armour crafting/repair stations so that you can give them names, more for the purpose of giving the power armour that stands in it a title so it can be selected and easily deployed. Any power armour you wish to have the option of being deployed needs to be standing within one of these power armour crafting/repair stations within a settlement (or within a power faction base e.g. The Prydwen). As you throw the flare a small display will appear asking which settlement power armour crafting/repair station is holding the power armour you wish to have deployed, and you will be shown a list of all of the settlement stations that HAVE power armour within them (this means any power armour station that is empty will not show up, and any settlement without a station wont show up either).


Lastly is a modification for the chest piece of a suit of power armour, a recall function. Much like how you can send a settler from one settlement to another you should also be allowed to send a suit of power armour back to its station or a vacant  station. So instead of having a jet-pack or invisibility, when you get out of the power armour it will come up with another display will appear asking where you want to send your power armour, to either a vacant power armour station or have it remain where it is.


So that's the idea of the Cupid system and I hope it's interesting enough someone thinks of doing it, because I can't really do any modding myself.




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http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/8262/? Kinda like what you are requesting, doesn't have all the features that you listed though

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