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Patch 1.21 Bugs and Unique Roach Mods

roach missing tail unicorn missing tail gone no tail horse

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Hey guys, I have started a forum thread here so we can report and discuss any findings related to the terrible missing tail and the persistent unicorn Roach.


Please post anything you find here related to these issues, and others too if they arise (assuming they are possibly related to Fera's Roach Variants and the Unique Roach mods).

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Quoting some posts from my mod page here so I can remove the clutter:



Hey :smile:
Since I updated my game the newer skins doesn't work. Roach disappear when I add one of them (only tail and mane LOL).The older skins work fine.
The manes work fine too but I also have a problem with the tail. When I add it the mane disappear. With the newer tail version too. It's really sad, that my game don't like the new skins. It worked fine before I installed Blood and Wine.
Maybe someone has the same problem....




So some of you guys are saying you got the tail to show by killing Roach? Can someone help me? I did the kill roach thing and the tail stilll doesnt appear. Need some step by step of how you overcome this invisible TALE (tail) eh?

Note: I do have AMM installed too, if it matters in anyway




I think is just discovered a weird bug or something XD I used your new mod files without any probelms so far, i had a nice dapple with a grey amne and was happily riding along, when I decided to finish the witcher contract Bovine Blues in Blood and Wine. First I decided to not kill the basilisk, everything was fine. Then i reloaded to also do the other option( as i always do, to see the different outcomes) and killed the basilisk, when suddenly after the dialoges were done a white unicorn roach spawned next to me. I was laughing at first, wondering, why.
Reloaded another file, for testing, killed the basilisk again, and there she was, a unicorn, again!
Its funny at first, but since then i couldnt change her skin or manes or tails anymore, no matter which mod skin i installed. I removed all the files, loaded a save, she appeared as the vanilla roach. I downladed the files again, choose a color again....but nope, she´s a unicorn forever. I cant use the mod anymore really, any idea why?
Its not a disaster lol I like the unicorn, but i´d love to have my old roach back :tongue:




Am using one of the old skin files + unique mane & tail. Get the missing tail, but a it's fixable using this fix posted by a user on the CDPR forums:

- download the debug console enabler for 1.21
- once in-game mount Raoch
- open console and type KillHorse() (case sensitive)
- call Roach, who should now have a tail :D

Didn't work for me using one of the new skin files, so like someone said earlier in this thread, there's something in those that disagree with either 1.21 or B&W (or both).




When Roach lost her tail, I uninstalled this mod. Tail didn't come back, since it was a bug with the game. Went on my business, tail-less Roach and all. Progressed the story to Skellige, now Roach has her tail again. Reinstalled this mod, tail disappeared. Uninstalled this mod, tail is back again.
Im so confused :| What a weird bug


I noticed the tail disappears again if I go back to Velen/Novigrad lol. And comes back if I go back to Skellige





For me the same after Geralt arived Toussaint. I deinstalled the mod some days ago, I will insatll it again now and take a look if the tail is still there.

Played without Roach and horse mods since the tail was lost. in Toussaint i got it back and installed W. T. R. again with Roach compability and gave Roach a tame look with mane and tail. After loading the first savegame there was no Roach and wont come. I deinstalled W. T. R. tame and each Roach Mod/DLC and made a default insallation and now there is no effect on Roach.




I think its really bag with Blood and Wine. In addition to problems with the tail I have bag with mane - sometimes it disappears, more precisely, I have appearance of mane textures from Nilfgaardian saddle - it appears small and barely noticeable mane. But when I use saddle from Blood and Wine (any knightly saddle) and after take off this, normal Roach mane come back!
I'm not saying that some wild horses have head bugs - they lift their heads and look in the same direction all the time. In this position, the head stay put :D
Whats wrong with the horses from Blood and Wine?




I don't know whats wrong but suddenly roach starts to become a fabulous unicorn when I install this mod? XD First, it worked (had wonderful skin and this nice peacock hair! The eyes also work without problems) but know its completely white and has a big horn on the foreheard. I swear, it's a unicorn! And I tried different skins. But the only thing I see are the new eyes. The hair is hidden and mixed with the white unicorn hair. And the skin is white also. Is it only me? D:

Edit: Maybe because of the skin? I tried cremello, but got a unicorn! :D
Edit2: Nope. Still a fabulous unicorn. (But I don't want a unicorn! XD)

Here a picture: http://de.tinypic.co...=9#.V0_z-JGLSUk
It was funny the first time. But what now? :D




Yep. I ended up with this bug too, after a certain late main quest quest, lol, my Roach first lost her tail after this quest, (I removed this mod and most others, before installing B&W, just in case, and had no issues at first), and then last night, after I beat the main quest in full, I loaded up the game and bam, no tail. Reloaded again, and BAM..Unicorn Roach. I kinda like it though, some of the magic from that quest in question spilled out into the "real" world, so to speak. :wink:
And she has her tail back, lol

But, yeah. This bug literally has nothing to do with this mod, and everything to do with a Roach/horse related bug in the latest game patch/update. I had an issue with her in that Tourney quest too. Geralt got stuck in the saddle, and melted into her all weird, and I had to reload. So lotta Roach bugs.




I can confirm what other people said. The problem seems to be in the newer skin files. When I erased it (tried several of them) the tail came back, even using tail mod. I then tried using the older skin files, and the tail didn't disappeared. Seems like there is something different in the new files that isn't compatible with the new patch.
I also want to take the time to congratulate you on your work, I really like your mod :smile:




Honestly, this problem with Roach's missing tail is definitely complicated. I've tried your fix, I've tried downloading an older file, I've even tried deleting the mod for the tail completely and it still turns up missing in a pre-1.21 save file. I know you said the problem is with Blood & Wine but I don't have the expansion (unless it came for free with the patch which is unlikely) so I'm not sure how it's affecting me so persistently.

Edit: It does appear that the issue might be in the skin rather than the tail. When I deleted the bay skin I was using and loaded up a pre-1.21 file with the mane and tail still in my mod folder the tail worked perfectly. However, I'll trust you to know just what is affecting your mod. If it's actually a bug in Blood & Wine and not some new feature then hopefully it's something CDPR will eventually fix.

I managed to figure out a somewhat suitable workaround so that I can keep using the skin I had until someone figures out the issue with B&W or in case it can't be fixed. All I did was turn off Roach Compatibility in the WTR Horse Kit mod on the Tame Horses file. The choice of skin is limited which is unfortunate but since I was using the bay skin anyway, I just selected that option for all tame brown horses and voila, good as new.


Ok I think that's all of them. Sorry for deleting those guys, just better to have one thread for discussion since this may or may not have anything to do with my mod. Either way, I am in the process of updating, it just takes time. Please be patient! :] I want my Roach's tail back too.



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Some possible fixes for now:


-use AMM to load the tail




-use console to kill Roach and bring her back, tail should return.





Missing tail...

my ver. game 1.21 GOG

- Enable the console.
- Mount the Roach.
- Type KillHorse
- Call the Roach
- burn in hell

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Alright. I've been able to figure a couple things out in case anyone else is looking into a real fix.


1. The missing tail (and mane!) are caused by the new horse armors in Toussaint, since they both need to become invisible for the armor to work.


2. Instead of using the normal bodies and entities (w2meshes and w2ents), Roach uses 'horse_mimic' bodies and entities, which makes the horse's head a separate part from the body. You can see the usual animations are slightly different, because Roach's mouth never opens during the animation.


3. I have been able to load a tail now by messing around with the horseManager.ws, unfortunately, it's the braided tail from the new armors instead of the tail Roach should be using.


4. I am able to get the mane back by equipping and then unequipping the horse armor/saddle, but the tail is still missing. Also the mane disappears again if you go away from Roach and call/spawn her again.


Hope someone else is looking into this issue. I'm very new to scripting and I'm not sure what I can do to spawn the proper tail. I've also looked into the horse item xml's and w2ents for vanilla and B&W.




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I have a problem and hope someone can help me. The tail of roach does not work anymore in toussaint since today. Only there. It seems as if the game does not load the texture, because the tail is displayed as strange brown. Unfortunately, I do not know about scripts ...
I have used this: 
- Enable the console.
- Mount the Roach.
- Type KillHorse
- Call the Roach
- burn in hell
now it works again. :D

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