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ME3 Console Command questions

mass effect me3 console command

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Got a question for those that might know a thing or two about the console commands in ME3.

Currently, I use set SFXGame.SFXCameraMode FOV 80 to change Shepard's standard FOV without worrying about breaking cutscenes. The only problem is that this doesn't affect the FOV of your aiming-in at all.

Is there a console command i can use to adjust the aiming-in FOV to compliment the command I already use?

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Hi, I know this post is already a bit old, but maybe you or someone else will still find the answer useful.


On Mass Effect 3, there is a class that controls the camera FOV, which is the one you're already using, its called SFXCameraMode. However, this is a base class from which other classes inherit, meaning that the FOV you change on this class is applied everywhere on the game, with the exception of subclasses that already override the FOV of this base class (which is, in part, one of the reasons why editing the FOV on SFXCameraMode may not affect cutscenes). If you want to change the FOV for a specific game mode, like only for combat mode or exploration mode, it is possible to be done by changing the FOV property value of its specific class. The following are examples of classes that inherit from SFXCameraMode and its subclasses, represented as a hierarchy (not all existing classes are listed here):


SFXCameraMode class inheritance hierarchy:

  • SFXCameraMode
  • ----SFXCameraMode_Combat
  • --------SFXCameraMode_Atlas
  • --------SFXCameraMode_CombatStorm
  • --------SFXCameraMode_Cover
  • --------SFXCameraMode_CustomAction
  • --------SFXCameraMode_HipAimCover
  • --------SFXCameraMode_JumpStart
  • --------SFXCameraMode_KroganMelee
  • --------SFXCameraMode_LadderDown
  • --------SFXCameraMode_LadderUp
  • --------SFXCameraMode_LockOnPawn
  • --------SFXCameraMode_Melee
  • --------SFXCameraMode_TightAim
  • ------------SFXCameraMode_MountedGunTightAim
  • ------------SFXCameraMode_PistolTightAim
  • ------------SFXCameraMode_SniperAim
  • --------SFXCameraMode_TightAimCover
  • --------SFXCameraMode_Vehicle
  • ----SFXCameraMode_IllusiveManConflict
  • ----SFXCameraMode_Explore
  • --------SFXCameraMode_ExploreStorm
  • ----SFXCameraMode_Spectator

The tree above shows the hierarchy of the SFXCameraMode class. Child classes automatically inherit their default FOV value from their parent classes, unless overridden by a specific class. For example, if you change SFXCameraMode_Combat FOV property, this change will reflect on every class that is under it on the class hierarchy. But, for example, although the SFXCameraMode_TightAim class is a child of SFXCameraMode_Combat, it can set its own inherited FOV value, so the changes you made on SFXCameraMode_Combat FOV don't affect it.



Examples of use


The following examples can be used either as console commands or as key binding commands on Coalesced.bin file. Once used, this commands will set the FOV value until you exit the game, so you only need to use the commands once per game.


Change FOV to 95 only on combat mode. This will not affect aiming/zoom:

set SFXGame.SFXCameraMode_Combat FOV 95

Change FOV to 85 only on exploration mode (the mode when you are not in combat, like on the Normandy or walking around on the Citadel):

set SFXGame.SFXCameraMode_Explore FOV 85

The commands above are commands you can execute on the console or as key bindings. However, if you want a permanent solution, you can edit the SFXGame.pcc file to set the FOV property of the desired class(es). You can do this by using the Package Editor tool of ME3Explorer.



How to change Zoom FOV


As a direct answer to your question, you may want to try to change the SFXCameraMode part of your command to one of its child classes, like to SFXCameraMode_Combat, as shown on the first example above. If you want the FOV to affect aiming as well, you would also need to use another command that sets the FOV on the aiming class, SFXCameraMode_TightAim in this case. But for SFXCameraMode_TightAim, the FOV is obtained from each individual weapon, making the thing a bit more complicated, so you can look at the AimModes property of SFXWeapon class and/or any other of its child classes. Then, you can change the value of ZoomFOV property of the AimMode to your desired FOV. This is better achievable on Coalesced.bin file, under bioweapon.ini, on sections like [SFXGame.SFXWeapon] and other sections starting with "SFXGame.SFXWeapon_" and "SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_". You can also edit the AimModes property directly on the console or with key bindings with a command like the following one:

set SFXGame.SFXWeapon AimModes ((ZoomFOV=50))

Notice, however, that the above command will affect the zoom FOV for every weapon the same way, which may not be what you'd want. So, it's preferable to change the zoom FOV for every weapon or at least for every weapon type (shotguns, pistols, etc.), which is something more appropriately done on the Coalesced.bin file. Also, if you change the zoom FOV, the camera may get too far or too close to your character. To compensate for that, you can edit the Offset property of SFXCameraMode_TightAim class, which controls the position of the camera, like with the following command:

set SFXGame.SFXCameraMode_TightAim Offset (X=40)

The command above only affects the X axis of the camera, but you could also change Y and/or Z axes as well, if you want, like the following:

set SFXGame.SFXCameraMode_TightAim Offset (X=40,Y=-20,Z=15)

Changing the Y axis moves the camera horizontally and the Z axis moves the camera vertically. This has nothing to do with the FOV but it can be useful to improve a user's experience, in case a user doesn't like the default position of the camera relative to the character.



I hope you and anyone finding this on the Internet can find this information useful, as playing with uncomfortable FOV settings is a degrading experience in any game and I, personally, think that Mass Effect 3 combat mode's FOV is exaggeratedly low.

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Dude, you're awesome!

I've been searching all over google for those subclasses and couldn't find them.. you saved my day!

Thanks a lot !!  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:

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Dude, you're awesome!

I've been searching all over google for those subclasses and couldn't find them.. you saved my day!

Thanks a lot !!  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:


You're welcome! I'm glad I could help!


By the way, if you'd like to see the full list of those classes, their custom properties and their default values, you can do it using the PCC Editor tool of ME3Explorer, which will enable you to see some more specialized SFXCameraMode subclasses I didn't mentioned on my post above. These classes are defined in the file SFXGame.pcc that is on the coalesced content directory of the game. You can launch the mentioned PCC Editor tool, open SFXGame.pcc file on it and navigate to the Exports tab on the tool. There, you will find a list containing all the exported classes and their members, including SFXCameraMode and all its subclasses.


If you're interested in knowing a bit more about SFXCameraMode behavior, feel free to check ME3 FoV Mod – a mod I recently published here on Nexus. On the mod's description page, some information about the SFXCameraMode behavior is covered.


Happy gaming!  :smile:

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