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Original Dead Island mods

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Is there a way to get the original Dead Island mods to work with the Definitive Edition? Namely the AK47 For Everyone mod. Keep in mind I am a complete noob (and not afraid to admit it!), so if it is something simple, I am all ears. If it is something like changing code and such, then you already lost me. I tried using the original mod on the DE, and it did some funky things to my game (a zombie hit me from far enough away that I had a hard time finding him). Anyway, like I said, noob extreme here, so any help is appreciated!

Draco Agariz

Draco Agariz


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Sadly it´s not possible to use the old mods. The developer converted some values in the files and the result...well, you saw it. :laugh:

I tried to convert my mod to use it with the Definitive Edition, but something is wrong and I got strange results (Some modded things worked, other not).

Converting a mod is not that hard. You only need a text editor like notepadplus and you have to unpack a few files from the game folder.

But where to put these files after the modding is something, that I don´t know...yet.

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