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Welcome to the Nexus Mod Manager Beta.

The NMM (which I sometimes call "the client", as it is a desktop client) is the product of 10 months of work by kaburke, who has been in charge of the Fallout Mod Managers since Timeslip moved on. There's lots already in the client, and lots still to go in.


These early Beta builds are only going to focus on the "core" mod downloading and installing aspects of the Client; the aspects you'd be used to if you used OBMM or FOMM. The mod authoring tool is not yet finished (so you can't make .nxm files, the replacement for omods, fmods, etc.) and certain features of the client have not been implemented yet. New features are patched in as and when they are ready for testing and your client should inform you when there is a new version of the client for you to download, it should also download the latest version for you (if you accept), saving you the hassle of coming back here to find the latest build.

We're taking it one-step at a time and we want lots of feedback and bug reports from you guys before we move on to the other features.

NMM Scope

NMM is currently working with Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. It will work with all the games the Nexus sites support, but I cannot give you a time frame for when support for Morrowind, Dragon Age or Witcher mods will come. Having said that, we are releasing the NMM as completely open source. If you're a budding programmer and you think you know one of the games we don't support well enough, and are willing to delve in to our code, then I'd love to hear from you about getting support for one of the currently unsupported games in to the client sooner. Kaburke tells me it isn't particularly complicated (pfft).

This tool is going to make modding so much easier for the average mod user and drastically reduce the barriers to entry that are currently present in modding for the Nexus site games. This will no doubt spawn a few issues of their own (more chance for conflicts as users install more mods, for one) and we will try our hardest to tackle these as and when they become a problem.

These forums

The purpose of this forum is to discuss general things about NMM and ask for features or UI changes, rather than the bug tracker which should be for tracking bugs. If you have a problem someone here might be able to help you, but if it's clearly a bug with the client then please, use the bug tracker. It makes our lives so much easier if you do, and will speed up the beta process enabling us to go in to a full release quicker.

What to do

Well, first of all you need to download the client.

If you already use OBMM or FOMM then there is not a "conversion" tool that will move your currently installed mods in to the NMM. However, you can install mods from your hard-drive (you don't HAVE to use the download buttons on the file pages or start from scratch). Kaburke has informed me that your mod lists will remain in-tact in to the full release of the client; you'll need to uninstall the NMM and reinstall the full release when it comes out, but it should remember your mod list and you won't have to redownload/add the files to NMM again. So my recommendation is, if you're an OBMM or FOMM user, move across to NMM now.

Start using the Client as a mod user would, installing mods from the Top 100 or your favourite mods that you use within your game.

Integration with the site

The Nexus sites have been modified slightly to support the functionality of NMM.

These changes are:

  • The original green "Download" button on file pages has been changed to "Downloads", as some users were clicking it and expecting to immediately start downloading the mod
  • If you have one (and only one) main file uploaded then a new button will be available on the file page next to the green "Download" button, labelled "Download with manager". This button will automatically add the mod to the NMM if you have it installed, and begin downloading it. Note: If you have 10 files uploaded, and only 1 main file then this button will still show. If you want to make things easier for your mod users then having only one main file is really, really helpful.
  • The files tab has been rearranged slightly. There's a green "Download with manager" button that will download the file through the client, or you can "download manually" (the old way to get mods).

These changes are only visible to logged in members of the site.

Reporting bugs

It is really important you report any bugs that you come across, and report them properly so we're not spending time trying to work out how to replicate your bug. Please read through the bug report thread, which will tell you how to report bugs to us. We're handling bug reports through a bug tracker on the forums. No need to make a new account. You can access it in the top-right of the forums.

Please use this forum for general beta chit-chat and stuff, but use the separate bug tracking site for bug reports.

Thank you again.

Using the NMM

We hope that NMM is pretty intuitive, especially if you've used OBMM, FOMM or NVMM before so we're not going to run you through how to use the Client, the hope is you can work it out yourself. If you can't then please feel free to post here and let us know.

If you go to a file page each downloadable file in the "files" tab will have a new button, labelled "Download with manager". Clicking this button will start NMM (if you haven't started it already) and load the file in to the Client's download manager. The download will start automatically. It will not install the mod, however. You need to manually install the mod yourself through the Client, which is done in the "mods" tab of the client.

From there...you're on your own wink.gif

Online only

At the moment NMM can only be used when you have a working internet connection that can connect to the Nexus sites. This is (hopefully) only for the beta as we know how important it is for the client to work offline as well. However, the client will not work if you use it without a working internet connection at this time. This is because it attempts to connect to the Nexus servers to get mod information and if it can't connect it gets very grumpy. It is high on our priority to rectify this and create an offline version of NMM.

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