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We are using an integrated bug tracker on these forums for reporting bugs with the client. The link to the tracker can be found in the top-right corner of the forums, or here. If you get a crash or experience a bug then PLEASE report it in the bug tracker.

Procedure for posting bugs

  • Go to the bug tracker and login if you're not already logged in on the forums
  • Click on the "Mod Manager" project, like you would to access a forum category
  • Click "Start new issue"
  • Provide a summary of the bug as the report title, e.g. "Download stops at 50%" or "Install problem with fmods"
  • Normally you should leave the visibility to "Public" so others can see your bug and comment if they've experienced the same issue
  • Write a detailed description of your problem (see below) in the post content box
  • Remember to attach any crashdump reports, TraceLogs and screenshots where applicable
  • Click "Post new issue"

Providing details

It is imperative when reporting a bug that you describe, in steps, how you can replicate the issue. Here is an example bug report I have written for kaburke recently:

Title: Crash after login details entry

How to replicate:

Load Nexus Client
Select "Fallout 3"
Enter login details
Click login

The bug report clearly describes how to replicate the issue. I also attached the crashdump.txt file that was referred to in the crash error and the TraceLog.txt file in the same directory.

If the Client crashes it will often generate a crashdump file. This is a text file, somewhere in your system (the exact location is specified in the error that shows when the crash occurs) that contains important information that kaburke can use to debug the problem and fix it, hopefully, very quickly. If you get a crash it is really important that you provide the contents of your crashdump file in your bug report along with the TraceLog.txt file (if there is one). Please please please remember to do this so we don't have to ask you for it.

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If you are submitting a bug report concerning a specific mod, please include a link to the mod causing the problem. It saves me a lot of time if I don't have to go searching for the correct mod.

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