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Shen's Tower & its wild tactics

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Rusted derelict "Robots" everywhere.. Turrets popping up in wisely devised LOS locations.. stalking the squad.. self-destructing often enough.. numerous yet vulnerables.


This new storyline mission has more hearts than strategic mechanics -given- but you'll still find yourself wondering why our dear Lily Shen  is basicly that rare Chief-Engineer without particular assets other than the usual specialists' Gremlin.


Yep -- she's the cinematic edge of the whole ride. Spicy, gimmicky, lovely.


To me... the most interesting tactical features of that heavily scripted map can be described like this;


1) Elevator shafts that can only carry a single person at a time. Everyone must go up.. anyone waiting for their turn has to be on high alert for backstabbing presence.


2) A safety room to protect from gas leaks where a prototype device (magically touched into re-activation) proves to be the only immuned battle unit that can reach the next elevator switch-on panel.


3) Doesn't really matter what weapons or armors you luckily brought along.. once on the roof -- a Sectopod MUST (or should) be bombed-frozen once to absorb extensive damages from everyone before collapsing. Mission accomplished! Counting up the wrecks that certainly reminded me of that superb Chryssalids Hive trick in Newfoundland within EW.


In general terms.. this gameplay concept absolutely fits right into XCom2  premise; Kill & Kill again with everything you can mustard -- with or without care for defensive overwatch cycles.


Loved it sooooo much (the stress, the visual candy, the methodic combat patterns) -- i'm really looking forward to replay this stuff, again & again & more times than difficulties level can offer me.

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