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Fenris and his buggy-ass romance

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Ah, boy. 


Doing a re-run and this isn't the first I've had issues with the broody elf-man.


Not entirely sure what's causing the problem, but his sash and crest aren't popping up and because they don't, I'm assuming the romance isn't triggered correctly... unless I need to be at 100% friendship or rivalry for them to show. I'm sitting around 80 friendship at the moment.


I flirted with Anders once in Act 1(and it was the conversation where he pretty much just denies you himself after he initiated it). I can't imagine this is causing the problem because it hadn't in the past. Still.. I guess I could be wrong? No flirts with any other companions have occurred.


I gave Orana money rather than took her in, though whether I choose to make her a servant or not doesn't seem to matter. First try I did, I took her in and the sash didn't appear. Went back and gave her money... still nothing.


I did Questioning Beliefs long before this. I also gave him the book of Shartan. He did spend the night with me after all of this before storming off, so the scene triggered after A Bitter Pill.


If nothing else... would it be possible to fix his flag via console or a save editor : P? Seeing as Anders flirted with me like... five hours into this playthrough, I really don't want to re-try this.


EDIT: Okay... did All That Remains and he was the one that came, so I assume this is just a glitch with his outfit. Hoping that's all it is.

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