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Separate Power Armour Storage and/or Power Armour Loadouts

power armour

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I was wondering if it was possible to create a mod that allows you to store more than just power armour parts and a fusion core on a set of power armour. Something that acts similar to the horse storage from Convenient Horses for Skyrim, but using the transfer menu already available in the game, and with a weight limit so it's not broken. In order to access the storage, you'd have to be out of the power armour, same as normal. Additionally, provided all that is possible, would it also be possible to make it so that any item picked up while in power armour goes directly into the power armour storage?


A second, less probable mod request is a power armour loadout mod. Instead of hopping in a power armour and having the same weapons for use that you'd have outside of the power armour, you'd have a completely different set of weapons, preferably stored in a separate PA storage container, to be automatically accessed upon entry of the power armour. For example, your weapons outside of the PA are a combat knife, a 10mm pistol and a hunting/sniper rifle. Upon getting into a set of PA, your available weapons are now a super sledge, a long-barrelled assault rifle and a gattling gun. I'm not sure if any of this is possible, or how it would be done. A separate favourite's menu/hotkeys, maybe, when in the power armour and outside of it, or maybe a different menu entirely while in the power armour, only being able to access what you have in your current power armour loadout and storage, including weapons, your PA's armour pieces, ammo, and any misc, junk, or anything else you pick up while in the power armour. If this mod can be made, the only real problem I can see is the issue of quest items being put into one storage or the other and not being able to transfer them.


Anyway, I'm not sure if it's possible to create either of these mods, but ever since I started playing FO4 I've wanted my PA to feel more like a mech than a futuristic suit of armour, since F04's PA is far more mech like than PA in F03 or NV. I believe two mods that would successfully make PA feel like a mech are separate storage and loadouts.

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