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cbbe unp which option choice

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Hello there guys and gals!


I was just wondering on what everyone's opinions were on the matter of CBBE vs UNP?


I myself have never used UNP but I am thinking about moving to the UNP, the reason being I am more than likely going to be doing a clean install of Skyrim soon and I'm thinking about mixing it up a little.

Another reason being the "The Book of UUNP". I have looked through some of the armors in that and I really like what they're doing! Also the Immersive Armors mod has a UNP option the installer, not sure how well it works but its worth a shot :)


I was hoping on hearing some other peoples input on the matter to help me decide what to do.





Sorry if this is not the right place to post this thread, first time posting on this site :'), sorry for any inconvenience. 



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I like Unp better. exactly as you say theres quite some mods more compatible with unp than with cbbe. 
I personally prefer the Unp replacer configuration pack which has loads of options and should give you a good idea what's available. You don't like your picks, simply reinstall it.

Other than that I sometimes find Cbbe look better, sometimes Unp. Depends on the char, what clothes etc. I gues fully naked Cbbe looks a little better, especially with bodyslide and it's many options. I never disable underwear myselve though ,so Unp or Unpb is fine. Theres always CBB animations on Unpb if you still want butt/breasts physics or want them to be a little bigger.

And yes this is exactly the right place for questions like that :) 

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I always liked the Unp slimer body's a little better.




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I will admit now, I am rather biased. Only ever used CBBE, and have never seen a reason to use anything else.




- Better over-all default shapes. Looks natural and in proportion.

- Photorealistic default textures. Textures also come with various sizes (from 4k/2k uncompressed to 2k/1k compressed, suitable for pretty much any computer or mod configuration.)

- Three default shapes, each coming in nude or a choice of two kinds of underwear styles.

- NMM/MO support.

- BodySlide was made for it in mind. With BodySlide, the shape can be however you want. Also includes TBBP/HDT support.

- TexBlendLite to fix neckseams with almost any face retexture mod and the default body textures.

- Huge (500+) mod list on the page with links to the mods and a little key saying what the mod contains. A CBBE/BodySlide conversion of Immersive Armours is also on the list.

- Still supported by Caliente and Ousnius, and gets periodic updates when necessary.

- Still the most used and endorsed body mod.



- Needs more polys to smooth things out. Some parts of it look a little jaggy due to this.

- Leg shape could be improved.

- Original shape was bad, and this seems to have clouded peoples' minds towards it, even though it's gone through a lot of changes over the years. Many people still seem to think it's the same jumbo-breasted thing it was in 2011. Every time someone posts a thread like this, people seem to always talk about how 'CBBE is just huge boobs', even though the UNP breasts have been larger than CBBE Curvy ones for years.

- Original name was bad. Ditto above about people thinking negatively of the mod just because of its early days.




- More polys.

- Better leg shape.

- Lately seems to have more support than CBBE, most likely due to the above mentioned cons.


Not going to do cons, as over the years I've found many UNP-fans tend to be rather...aggressive about other peoples views on it. Which is a con in itself. =/



TLDR: I prefer CBBE. Use what you want.




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:D  UNP all the way for me, I have tried CBBE & others, & not once have I ever even considered giving up my UNP mod for them.  I think ultimately it is one of those things that is entirely down to personal taste!

Personally I use "Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless" www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30181 which has body options & also includes a matching face - I can't recommend it enough if you want a fit & athletic look.




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Neither is better or more realistic than the other. Bodies in real life comes in all shapes and therefore it comes down to personal taste. I love cbbe because I like filled out women lol. It's as simple as that.

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