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Settlers vanished but supply lines linger on

settlement supply glitch bug

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Hello, i have had an odd error/bug in game for a while now, i noticed it after it was too late to return to previous save, so i decided ill deal with it later.


Here is what happened. I have installed mod called "Don't call me a settler" (link: http://www.nexusmods...t4/mods/11306/? )  which changes basic "settler" NPCs in the game, the ones you can recruit to your settlements, to more custom ones, giving them names and such.

At certain point i had a problem with the mod, i cant remember what it was, i think it mig have been interfering with another mod or DLC, which caused me to disable the mod, log in to the game, save, and then enable the mod again.


when i disabled the mod, all settlers that the mod affected and gave custom names, vanished from the game, just disappeared, i didn't think much of it, figured out i would just set up beacon and get more.

However, this caused odd glitch that i didn't think about then, some of those mod affected named settlers, were assigned as provisioners, and when they vanished, the provisioner trade routes stayed on, without any actual NPC assigned to them.

The pack brahmin that used to follow those provisioners just sit around in odd places in or around affected settlements.


the glitch does not really affect much, the routes still work, so i didn't worry about it much, but it increasingly annoy me, id like t

What i need is this: i need to somehow have a way to reset, disable, remove a trade route in given settlement, without an actual provisioner. I tried to look into mods that could help and even console commands, but so far i have no idea how to fix it.




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The *exact* thing happened to me this past week. Did you ever figure out how to cancel and redo those supply lines? I tried using the "Settlement Management Software" mod, but it did not work.

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