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Personal custom vertibird with quest

vertibird mobile base fast travel quest

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Hey guys.

Since Gopher released his video with idea of Taxi service mod, thoughts about mod which will resolve fast travel problem haunts me.
I'm not much good at modding (some values tweaks and simple texture editing/fixing is the best i can do), even worse, i have not much time for playing or modding. So i probably won't be ever able to make mod, that i imagined. Because of this i'm giving my idea of "Phoenix Reborn" mod to your judgement - maybe someone will like it and feel that he/she will be able to make it in full scale. I've posted this idea firstly on Gopher's forum, where it has evolved into current stage:

Now, when GECK is out and transport mods appearing one after another, i think that experienced modders can implement my idea without any problems... if, they will be interested in it, of course.


This mod will allow Vault Dweller to obtain (repair, actually) his/her own nonfaction vertibird and pilot for it, which can accompany him/her through all the travelling around Commonwealth. Quest to obtain it will be able even on 1st level, but completion will depend on player's effort and skill (possible, but hard on low levels, and pretty easy for high leveled character).
It will work just like standard BoS vertibird, but with some additional features (of course if it will be possible).

1. It will have slightly increased amount of hit points and minigun with incendiary ammo, but also custom Phoenix paint... or stickers/pinups etc.
2. At the arriving to destination it won't kick our hero from vertibird and fly away. You should get out by yourself if you want it. After you get out the machine it will take off and provide a fire support if enemies attacking you, and land in the same place, when area is clear, then it will remain where you left it, unless you give the pilot different order or untill you call vertibird to another place by shooting flare or placing smoke grenade / radio beacon.
3. When you're calling vertibird into a middle of warzone it will land only when all enemies will be eliminated.
4. Vertibird have some kind of trunk to store loot from your adventures. And lots of it, because vertibird is pretty powerful thing. But it can be accessed only through pilot's dialog (can be implemented like pilot's inventory).
5. When shot down (even with Vault Dweller aboard) it will fall but won't explode. Pilot-mechanic will be injured, but not dead. Vault Dweller will lost 2/3 of his/her Health Points and chest and head structure, hands and legs will be completely broken. Then "Patching the bird" quest will start.
6. It will be able to send vertibird to any owned settlement, but can be repaired only in those which have built "Vertibird landing pad". It will remain there and repair until Vault Dweller call/send it to another place.
7. Vertibird have it's own radio beacon, so you always will be able to find it.


Story in short

Story is based on repairing vertibird, which is lifework of russian prewar-ghoul mechanic and his son (surprisingly smoothskin), and his dream to return back to the fatherland, because he believes that destructive Great War and total atomic annihilation can't really cover whole area of Russian country, especially Siberia and Far East (it's really was no reasons to drop (waste?) warheads into wild Taiga, where population density is 0,5 human on square kilometer). But gunners want's this vertibird too and that is the problem, which Vault Dweller may help to resolve.

Full Story


Special rewards.


This mod idea with some useful materials can be found on Nexusmods as modders resource.


Post Scriptum
If you like this idea, and want to try to make this mod, you're free to do it. No shoutouts, credit, etc. needed, if you want to do it by yourself. I'll be glad to see my nickname in list, but it's not critical. I just want  to see this mod working in way, described above... or close to this way.
And if you don't like this idea... well, you're free to pass through and look for something more interesting.

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