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Solid black screen when the camera moves underwater, depth of field not present with some ENBs

enb water blank screen depth of field

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The Problems:


1. Whether the player character swims under any body of water, or if you pull the camera view down bellow the water level, the screen is totally solid black.


2. Even if the ENB has depth of field to it, I can't toggle it on in the GUI.


My Stats:


Intel Core i7-2600

GeForce GTX 560



Windows 10 (7 before re-installation)

Mod Organizer.

I used mostly Gamer Poets' videos to learn how to set up.

Everything is installed outside of both Program Files locations.

MSI Afterburner for FPS and screencaps (I did check to see if this was the culprit by turning it off. no difference)

SPini. Not only does this have a feature that resets all your inis back to their default values, but also organizes everything alphabetically.


Mod List:




Their Plugins:



This is my setup for mod testing. If something won't run with this bare bones list of essentials, I probably shouldn't run it at all. They all checked out ok in loot.


While I have been checking out other ENBs, right now I want to concentrate on getting the Clarity ENB working. I didn't have these problems with some of the others, but I can only run Clarity for sure on my older rig.


Now I did look up this problem, and most of the answers are to either use the Green Water Fix mod, or to go to SkyrimPrefs.ini, and under [Imagespace] set "bDoDepthOfField=" from 1 to 0.

Turning off the DOF in the ini did fix the water, but I know for a fact that I don't need to do that, or install a mod to fix this.


I've already gotten a character up to level 62 with Clarity, 80 some mods, and almost 70 plugins running. The water looked great, and I could turn the DOF on and off from the GUI for screencaps when I wanted it.


My hard drive died, and now I have to re-mod everything after installing the new one.



And yes, I had the Particle patch, Subsurface Scattering Patch, and ENB Night Eye installed in that order when testing.

I also tried the suggested v.0262 binary, as well as the most recent v.0308 version.



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Did a complete reinstall of Skyrim, tried to install Clarity ENB, and have the exact same problem. 


I could really use even the vaguest of hints on what this might be.

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