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Skyrim Dual Monitor

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checked till page 11, couldnt find a thread so hope this problem doent exist already.

I have 2 monitors. I want to run Skyrim in windowed mode on my second (right) monitor. On Fallout (as far as i remember) i just had to choose the second grafic card shown in the launcher options and it worked.

In skyrim nothing happens, no matter which i choose, it starts on the primary monitor. As the window bar is not clickable i cant drag it to the second monitor.

Any solution via .ini maybe?


Win7 x64
Nvidia Geforce GT240 (driver 280.26)

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I have a set up with a 22" LCD and a 32" TV linked up to the same Nvidia card, running in dual screen. I just set the primary monitor to the TV and so all games default to that. Picking the right resolution in a lot of slightly older games is a real pain, but most of the time it's workable. I would suggest you just set the other screen to be your primary, and change it back again afterwards, that should work.

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