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DAO imported plot lines not working

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I started playing DA2 for the first time recently, I imported my save from Awakenings but things do not match up.  Namely the fate of Alistair


In my DAO playthrough Alistair was crowned king with my character set to be his Queen.  However Alistair sacrificed himself to kill the Archdemon meaning Anora is on the throne.  However every reference is citing Alistair as king, with his Queen the Hero of Ferelden.


Is there any way to edit the DA2 save files to reflect what really happened?  Or at least say that Anora became Queen at the Landsmeet instead of Alistair, and that he died against the Archdemon. I've had a quick dig myself expecting something, but couldn't see anything obvious.


Don't know if it makes a real difference (please don't spoil if it does), but I'd rather have the story right if possible.  I know it's buggy, if I remember correctly DAO said that he was both King and Dead, so full marks to Bioware there... or maybe he was a Blood Mage all this time! :wink:


Anyway, any help would be great, thanks!

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Hey there.


There are a couple of mods to fix some... not all.... of the imports.


This one here - http://social.biowar...m/project/4364/

And then this one here - http://www.nexusmods...ge2/mods/3979/?


They are practically essential and where the first things i used when playing DA2.


They should help with it, BUT they do not really recognise the boons set in DA:O IE like the dalish boon or Mage boon, if they have i have yet to notice it :(


But anyway, those two mods do help.

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