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Improving Screenshots

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So, if you know me, then you know I rarely visit these forums unless I have a good reason. Nothing personal, I'm just a bit clinically diagnosed with lots of personality disorders shy.


But I had a good idea that I thought was worth sharing. What if the screenshot tabs, instead of "author" and "users", is just "verified" and "unverified"? I think that would make a lot of sense. A good screenshot is a good screenshot, after all. Particularly helpful for mod authors who have lower-end PCs and perhaps lack the graphics card to make good looking and presentable screenshots, to have the community's contributions at their disposal.


Plus, we've all seen how this constant distinction between authors and users have created a lot of strange social friction, like some kind of informal caste system or something. Might help undermine that. Since mod users do a lot of nice things for the Nexus as well. Most of our mods would be completely overlooked if it wasn't for the Youtuber portion of our users, for instance. I think these kinds of things might help create a better atmosphere by legitimising people's contributions no matter who they are.




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I don't see how exchanging two sets of words for two other sets of words (both of which end up denoting the same thing) will decrease this so-called heirarchy you imagine exists. It would make absolutely no difference whatsoever, as using verified and unverified still means mod author and mod user - it's not like those designations are offensive or discriminatory so this would just be a waste of time, much like it'd be a waste of time for me to suggest that you should be refered here in this thread as 'poster' and giving myself the prefix 'commentator'

It achieves nothing. There's a simple reason why there is this distinction, and it has nothing to do with one 'group' being somehow inferior to the other, or looked down upon; which is what you seem to be subtly suggesting with your allusion to a caste system.

It's a simple equation. Mod authors + mod users = The Nexus. Both rely on each other in a symbiotic relationship, likewise we rely on the Nexus as our common meeting ground.

Your simply saying that there's inherently a problem, when no problem exists in the first place from an overall perspective. Yes, there are idiots on both sides, but we're talking about a very small percentage overall of those who frequent this site.

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