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Invisible Mesh in CK

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So I'm stumped. I guess it's because I've been away from Blender so long and I'm overlooking something painfully obvious, so here I am. I've Googled the issue, but most of what I find  either doesn't apply at all or are caused by things that are already correct in my mesh. I guess I could be repeatedly overlooking something, I'll admit that I do have a neurological condition which has been rearing its head lately causing mini blackouts, so it's entirely possible something is just not clicking right.


Sorry, I'm rambling. Basically I have two meshes I'm making into ground objects for an underwear mod I'm building. The "armor" pieces are fine. They show up, they morph, they do what they's s'posed to. But these ground objects, when I load them in CK, are invisible. The shader properties look fine; at least they ought to, I copied them from the armor mesh which were themselves copied from I think a vanilla object. The NiTriShapeData looks okay. I think.


This is especially frustrating since I've made a metric ton of static and havok-enabled meshes (people have even used them in their mods, for some reason!), and I've never once run into this issue.


So I'm at a loss. If anyone is willing, I've uploaded one of the meshes for you to take a gander at (Google Drive). Thank you a bunch in advance!



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Try the following:
In Nifskope (BSLightingShaderProperty) remove the hook from Shader Flags 1  ->  SLSF1_Skinned

and see if it works now

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That did it! Ahhhhh thank you so much, Tamira! :D




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I'm having the same problem, however removing the hook Shader didn't work.  I am having this issue with modded helmets and hoods.



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The other day I've just had my first experience with turning armor into world object (ground model). It really is a slightly tricky thing. I did it with the second attempt. The successful procedure was this (although some of these stepps might be odd):


- Open up two nifs in NifSkope: one is your armor, the other is any GND model with collision etc. (source GND nif).


- Convert source GND model's 0 BSFadeNode to 0 NiNode and rename it to Scene Root.


- Copy all the NiTriShapes of your armor to GND nif, remane those, transform it if needed (scale, translate, scale vertices, rotate...), remove odd (old) branches.


- Change Shader Flags, like it was said above (uncheck SLSF1_Skinned flag).


(Important stuff:)

- Convert 0 NiNode back to 0 BSFadeNode, save file with different name ("GND New" just in case).


- Open up the source GND nif, copy all the NiTriShapes from "GND New" to  source GND, remove old branches. Save it.


That's all. As you can see, you need to repeat some of these stepps.


I hope I could help.

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