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Blocking all arrows comming from the front with both shields and weapons

combat blocking

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I would really like to see a mod which allows to block any arrow which comes from direction you're facing. Something simmilar to deflect arrows perk, but 100% effective.
This would allow me to boost archer's damage, so they aren't just a nuissance but a threat, while being able to play out fights perfectly without taking damage.
Also i'm aiming to expand it to weapons and possibly magical wards.


As for now deflect arrows perk doesn't allow to block every arrow and works only with the shields.


If my request for mod can't be fulfilled i only ask for the huge invisible shield model, so i can try and find my own way arround.


My own shameful attempts you don't have to read about (this is my first post and i have no idea how to use that spoiler thingy):

I have no modding or scripting experience, but what i was trying to do on my own was making human-sized invisible shield using some different body slot.

I was only able to change it's body slot which when equiped with only sword in right hand and nothing else in left hand allowed to deflect arrows hitting shield model.


The problem is i have no idea how to either enlarge the shield's model or remove textures from it.

If i can manage that i'm also planning to make it summonable , so it isn't equipment dependant, but the above needs to be done first (and i may lack skill to do it anyway).

Thanks in advance.

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