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Request: Weapon holstering

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Mass Effect 3 is my least favorite game in the series. I have several reasons, but the lack of weapon holstering might be my biggest issue with it. It's especially annoying because it's such a tiny feature that has such a huge impact on gameplay. The default perspective when you have your gun out is just way too zoomed in and it makes it very awkward for me to navigate and look around for items. I also think that it visually makes Shepard look rather silly.


I'd be really appreciative if anyone could pull this off.




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Shep lowers the weapon in many cases... so just need to connected that to a key with a command line in Coalesced... There are very smart people who could pull this one off, I'm sure...




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Try this out:

Wench Coalesced editor

Bioinput section

( Name="choose your button", Command="set SFXPawn_Player bCombatPawn false | QuickSave | QuickLoad" ) activates weapons holstered mode
( Name="choose your button", Command="set SFXPawn_Player bCombatPawn true | QuickSave | QuickLoad" ) activates combat mode
from: Mass Effect 3 Console Commands ME3

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