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Carthaginian Infantry Mod

carthage armor shields shield reskin sword light armor heavy armor request idea

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So there are many mods that add weapons and armor from ancient Rome and ancient Greece, however there are no mods adding weapons from ancient Carthage. Myself, being a fan of ancient Carthaginian history, would like to see such a mod be put forth. However, myself being new and inexperienced with modding, cannot make such a mod myself.

The mod I'd like to see would not be big, but rather a small mod adding a set of light armor, heavy armor, a sword, two shields, and a greatsword. All of the designs would be based off of ancient Carthaginian infantry designs, using artistic drawings as well as unit models from other games as emphasis. 



The light armor set, which would be called something like "Iberian Armor," would look like the Iberian Infantry model from Rome: Total War. It is a light armor piece, made of steel and bronze with a tunic underneath. The helmet, based off of the Roman Galea, would be made of iron and leather in game, featuring an exposed face with the sides and back of the head being completely covered. A white capillary plume would stretch from front to back in a long line.*

The actual armor would be made also of iron and leather as well as gold, as the centerpiece of the armor(which looks identical on both sides) would be made of gold. As you can see in the picture below, a small white and blue tunic would connect from the bottom of the bronze part of the armor, and most of the arms would be left exposed aside from small slivers of the tunic. As such, there would be no gauntlets for the armor set. The boots would be simple iron boots about knee high. 


Picture: The basis for the armor piece, Rome Total War http://pcmedia.ign.c..._1083195821.jpg

Another Good Picture: This is a drawing of Carthaginian soldiers, around the time of Hannibal's invasion of Rome. Notice the armor is similar to how described https://s-media-cach...81943ea04ed.jpg



The heavy armor set, which would be called "Carthaginian Armor," would be based off of Carthaginian Poeni Spearmen. While there is no good examples of the Poeni units that exist in the artistic world, we can draw more sources from their almost certain historic depiction in Rome: Total War. The armor would be very heavy: Made now of steel and leather instead of iron and leather. The helmet would be the same visually, however it would instead be made of steel and leather and be much more protective. The armor piece would now extend to the upper shoulders, and would be a much darker shade of grey-blue than the light armor piece. Instead of being made of three iron-gold "rings" like the light armor, it would be a solid piece of steel, and artistically similar to the blades armor in-game. The boots would now go up to nearly the knees in the front, the backside of the legs being uncovered. They would be the same metallic grey-blue color. Like the light armor, there will be no gauntlets.


Picture: Poeni infantry in Rome Total War http://i.imgur.com/prlTF0F.jpg



The Carthaginian short sword was a steel sword very similar to the Roman Gladius. The "Carthaginian Gladius" was a sword stabbing sword designed to be fast and accurate with strikes. Designed to accompany the light Iberian Armor set, it would be about the size of the pickaxe in game, and would function much like a light sword would- fast, precise, and lethal. It would do about as much damage as comes from the Steel Sword as it is sharp and thin.


Picture: A Gladius mod in Skyrim, the sword would look much like this sword https://staticdelive...-1419050405.jpg



The Carthaginian spear was used by special units in Carthage such as Ba'al's Sacred Bands and the Poeni infantry. While no such spear exists in Skyrim, a simple reskin of the Orcish Greatsword would do. The "Poeni Spear" would be a small, thin wooden spear with a small steal tip at the top. The hilt would be a simple leather piece at the bottom of the greatsword.



The first shield, the "Iberian Shield", would accompany the Iberian Armor set. It would be a small, circular iron shield, much smaller than the iron shield in game. It would be completely white on the front with a blue crescent moon facing upwards, one of the many symbols of the ancient Carthaginian military. The second shield would be a rectangular shield called the "Poeni Shield", short from left to right but very tall. It would be made from steel and would have the same design on its front as pictured on the Iberian shield.


And that is my idea/request for my mod! I hope any modder who sees this idea is interested enough in it, and I hope anyone who picks up the task enjoys making it! Thanks for helping my ideas become reality :)

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