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Mods not showing up in game even though I activated them in my mod manager!

mods not showing up active

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^as the title says. this is a continuation of my previous topic called "My Tale of 2 Wastelands went off the deep end", I finally sort of managed to find the issue, it's NOT my lo, system spces, etc. It's the damn game or w/e is really causing the problem.


Details of the problem-

i tick all the mods i need using FOMM, only some 115 mods are active........since i use ttw, I also have the fallout 3 esms and w/e. So, I load up my game, press continue (i stopped in the DC megaton house), AND, i get this sort of empty looking place with like NOTHING, heres a pic (http://imgur.com/a/rLk7jas you can see, it's totally messed up and what's WORSE is it starts throwing out messages about the nv dlcs being LOADED in (which should NOT be happening cuz i use the ttw delay dlc mod), but the damn game or w/e isn't RECOGNIZING the damn mods i have loaded in! I load up ANOTHER clean ttw starter save(after 101), and i land up in GOODSPRINGS, and the dlc messages pop up. WTH.


I tried deleting the txt files in the app data/local/fallout nv folder and i ONLY activated the main fallout nv esm file, loaded up my game, and guess what the *bleep* happened now, i load up some random save of mine, blah blah blah, i get thrown in Goodsprings and THE DLC loaded messages start popping up EVEN THOUGH i DEACTIVATED these dlc esms using fomm and the default launcher!


I hope i was specific, ignore the spelling errors or w/e, i'm too tired with trying to fix this stupid thing, I really hope someone can help me out here, and no, nuking all my current files is NOT an option. 


PLEASE help me out here, Fallout is my favorite of all time and i'm soooo angry that i can't play it even tho I'm doing EVERYTHING right.


again, it's not a prob with my mods, it's a problem with the way the GAME is loading in those mods or w/e whether or not i have them activated or deactivated thru my mod manger!


BYE and thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

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