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Lootable vertibirds

vertibird loot deathitem

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Hi there, I am currently attempting to add loot to vertibird wreckages but have hit a slight snag, I have absolutely no idea how "looting" works ingame. What actually tells the game that something is lootable and what do I have to edit in order to give it an inventory to add loot to?


EDIT: I have made a discovery! I believe that the pieces of vertibird that you see on the ground after the explosion are actually projectiles. That is why we cant loot them and they have no collision. I am unsure what if anything I can do with these since you cant add an inventory to a projectile (can you?). We could however create another piece to debris that isn't a projectile that simply drops from the vertibird when it explodes. I was thinking the main console from the cockpit since it would have the most components to loot. I unfortunately have no scripting skills and therefore cant get the part to spawn, but I think I could create the part, and have already made an inventory for it. Anyone out there wanna help out?

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Really neat idea, I'd help but my scripting days are long ago back in fallout 3 days. Worst comes to worse, you can always just add the item to the pilot. Like bloody - <your scrap item name> Idea being is the pieces got embedded inside the pilot. *shrugs* Just a worst case plan.




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Well first you must find out if you can even obtain their reference. You couldn't do this in Skyrim for a few years until SKSE came out with a function that can obtain any type of reference(GetType I think), otherwise it was notoriously difficult to do anything with projectiles.




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I would look at a regular container in the ck. Look at what keywords they might be using and see if you need to create a new keyword or associate to an existing one or both.


I don't script but was able to get some custom meshes in the leveled list using a basic script. Once the veritbirds are set, add existing LLI to the vertibird (similar to containers). If you want specific things to spawn, this might be where using a script will help out.


I can't imagine it would be too difficult. Keywords are pretty "key" for enabling features in the ck and the game.

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