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E-Cigarette and Vaping, For and Against

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My mother and father were both quite heavy smokers in the early 1980s.  I remember them telling me (much later) that they enjoyed smoking and had no desire to quit.  Then they became born-again christians (both experienced  Glossolalia) and stopped smoking from that moment on.  They actually both tried to continue smoking but found they couldn't stand the taste - something they each experienced independently.


I've spoken to a few other christians who've had a similar experience.  Perhaps it's why Jordan Peterson said that one can't quit smoking without undergoing a religious experience (which is obviously total BS).


I'm not encouraging anyone to become a christian in order to stop smoking (the whole no sex before marriage thing is a poor trade-off IMHO, plus the whole thing's just make-believe for the gullible), just thought I'd share an interesting story.


Of course it's not outside the realm of possibility that the reason they quit was something else entirely and they rationalised it as a benefit of their conversion.


EDIT: Interestingly, they also mentioned that they both didn't experience any withdrawal symptoms from giving up cold turkey, unlike on the other occasions when they had attempted to kick the habit.


Think I will just continue smoking, and let it kill me slowly. Not like the last 5 years or so of my life are going to be much fun anyway...... :D


I admire your optimism..... :smile:

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Since the American Surgeon General published the famous (or infamous) report in 1964, the effect of smoking and nicotine have been well know.  


Ignore all the ameliorating rhetoric and feel good half truths.  Consider this single point.  Vaping is just another, prettier delivery system for nicotine; a system whose sole purpose is to keep people addicted to a product which is known to be fatal.


But Salty you are ignoring what is truly at the bottom of this ... filthy rich guys are getting filthier rich from it, so it must be OK!!


And the more money those guys earn with the complicity of the state the more the government receives electoral financing and commission/bribes.

Since the parties that win the elections are always the most financed ones those who finance the elections choose the executive power the same way than the executives of a marxist-leninist party.

Like in the marxist-leninist countries those who control the economy control the political power as well while democracy is based on the separation of the powers.


But I write all of it for the anecdote of course.^^

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I watched my Dad die from COPD, brought on by all of his years of smoking.

Towards the end, because of his low Oxygen level in his blood, it causes damage to the organs, especially the brain, and he started thinking it was the 1970s, and he was hallucinating, seeing some pretty weird stuff, from a tiny woman coming out from under his hospital bed and walking up the wall, to a parade of insects. 
The last time he spoke to me was when they were getting him ready to send him to Hospice, and he whispered the phone number from his Parents house back in the 1940s, as if it was urgent I call it.

I'm hoping I managed to quit in time and avoid any risk of COPD

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