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Breasts clipping through HDT Armors

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I've got Knightmare077's HDT Bounce and Jiggles "With working Vagina" installed. Seems to work perfectly; in the nude, things act as they should. When I equip an HDT-enabled armor, however, the breasts and armor seem to be fighting over the same space: the breasts clip through the armor but simultaneously collide with it so they end up vibrating in and out of sight. Butt, too, (which is how I know it's an HDT issue) though not as drastically.


I should also point out that the armors this happens with are Bodyslide generated. I am using the latest version (3.73) Yes, I am generating and using the same body shape (CT77)


Here is my ModList: https://modwat.ch/u/Superdarkpit

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