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I need someone to add diving and swimming in Red Dead 2, please

this isn't a mod request thread



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First off, just posting this request was quasi-difficult, because its about a specific game forum, but you do not have a separate 'site' sub-forum under the games themselves (of course, I am only using Thew Nexus for two, so my knowledge of other game-specific forums is limited). I feel like dumping this here - in a sub-forum designed to handle ALL the games - will just allow it to disappear through the cracks. But whatever...

In the Fallout 4 mods page, there is just ONE group list for Settlements themselves: Player Settlement. Sim Settlements has TWO just for itself. So when I go searching for a new settlement I want to try out, I have to wade through tons and tons of mods that are NOT settlements, or should ONLY be in the Sim Settlements categories. Two categories not enough for them? To make things worse, all the 'settlement blueprint' mods get dumped in there as well, even though those have their OWN category. Some of us prefer to play the game, rather than have it play itself. Also, there are quite a few mods that simply have the word 'settlement' in their name, and they end up there, even though they have next to nothing to do with settlements. That mod-list has become almost useless because of all the extraneous crap that gets dumped in there. Can we please, PLEASE have just a list that contains NEW settlements, and JUST new settlements? If its a new settlement AND is 'SS-compatible' (I understand it doesn't take much to make it so), then it could still go in there, so long as its also able to be a vanilla settlement as well (because otherwise, once again, it SHOULD go into one of the two Sim Settlement categories). Adapted vanilla locales as well as user-created ones both count as just 'settlements'. Player-homes should NOT go there, because they also have their own category.

Every time I try to wade-through that mess, I give up after a dozen pages or so... its just too time-consuming, and the lack of 'policing' (control?) of what gets shoved in there makes it so counter-intuitive. Maybe give the new category a more specific name, like "New Settlements ONLY", so people stop applying that tag to just about every mod on the Nexus that isn't a weapon or armor? I spend enough time away from playing the game just to mod, that I don't need to waste even more time trying to find mods that are actually relevant to the mod-category title. Cheers



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ask the mod author who is incorrectly tagging their mod so it appears in the wrong place. or filter on sim settlements.

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