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Trap Master! May require talented modders?

turrets traps grenades mines

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Alright, So I've looked and haven't seen much on it. But I'd like to see a mod that makes use of Traps/Turrets. Something that you can focus on as a play style. I don't know how hard mods are to make but the idea I have in mind seems like quite the task to take on and almost seems like something that could be part of the game or at least part of a DLC. I have seen the mods that add turrets you can use like mines etc. But I'd like to see something a little more extensive. So let me jump into it.

Using maybe the Automatron workbench or a new modded version of it that would be available to you from the beginning of the game or at least obtainable rather quickly.

This workbench would allow you to create/edit turrent/traps/(Buff-Shield Turrets) 
Armorer, Gun Nut, Robotics, and Science would affect what you can craft and possible other perk trees could determine the Damage/Benefits.

So how would this function. 
Basically like other mods you would be able to equip turrets to the mine/grenade slot. Being able to throw them out, pick them up, and repair them.... When you enter the workbench you'd be prompted to select an existing turret or create a new turret. then you can upgrade armor, ammo type, rate of fire(Based on ammo type), Personality or attack pattern maybe?, Buffs of buff turrets and buff upgrades....


Being able to craft settlement only turrets with the same possible upgrades would be neat as well. When selecting Settlement only you'd be able to place it right after crafting anywhere in the settlement. When you scrap/store it goes into the workshop. These turrets would only be able to be placed within settlements after being returned to the workbench. Settlement only turrets would have unlimited ammo with exceptions of (Missles, Mini Nukes, and other unique ammo types.) This would also apply to buff and debuff turrets. So having a speed boost turret in a settlement would be nice for getting around faster.


Turrets - .38 turrets all the way to your Mini Nuke Launchers (Though maybe add in "Turret ammo" Which will be unlimited but be fairly week for early game play when ammo is rare.) You can edit the ammo type, rate of fire, dmg resist(Armor), even "Bonuses" (like I'm not quite sure but maybe some how be able to sacrifice a gun you have to place an appropriate legendary effect on the turret. Appropriate being based on ammo type.) or just have special bonuses like adding legendary effects to them without sacrificing a gun but require special components.
*I think being able to set up "sniper turrets" would be cool for close range characters. Somehow being able to control personality of turrets like set them to attack your targets or being able to somehow mark a new target for it to attack. I don't know how that would work but it would be awesome.


Traps/Grenades - Improve bear traps, caltrops, mines.... Add new mines/grenades. (Homing Sticky Grenades lock onto a target and throw) (Shock wave mines Easy to craft do low dmg but knockdown those hit by them.) (Mines you have to shoot in order to deal dmg, but does a decent amount of dmg) (Spider mines, different mine types that when placed crawl to a nearby enemy.) I don't have too many ideas for this category but I'm sure the community could come up with ideas.


Buff/Shield Turrets - Like it says. Buffs, Shields, and maybe even debuffs. Deployable  turrets that don't do dmg but either buffs or shields the player/allies or debuffs enemies. 
Edit Armor, and Buffs/Shield/Debuff.


Example buffs - Boosted dmg to both players/allies(Including turrets), Dmg resist, Immunity to specific dmg types for example Gain energy immunity for 10 seconds every 60 seconds while turret is active, Faster reload, increased movement speed, regen ap/health etc.... Debuffs basically just being the opposite of buffs. Reducing enemy dmg and dmg resistances, lower movement speed, have a chance to be staggered...

Example Shields - Reflective shields(Reflect X% melee or ranged dmg back to attacker - Reduce the damage by X% amount reflecting the same X% back onto the attacker. Improved amounts unlocked based on perk placement.) 

Some basic shields reduce dmg until the shield is out of juice (Amount of shield life and reduced dmg % depends on turret upgrades/perk placement.)


Don't wanna make this too long. But this is the quick version of my vision. Some other notes.
*Should make it so only 3 turrets can be active at a time and only 2 of one type at a time can be active. So you don't get too overpowered.  
*Make it so you would still have to engage in the fight so that turrets can't solo like a whole mob but late game turrets can down small groups of 2-3 on their own. But still make it a viable play style that if you wanted to focus on turrets you could.
*craftables like "Robot repair kits" that can repair destroyed turrets or maybe other more expensive items that can "Overcharge" a turret to deal extra dmg for a short time.

I guess let know what you all think. What is possible? What ideas do you like? Which ideas don't you like? What Ideas would you add?

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