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"Sort-of Add-on" for the "All geared up"-mod

add-on all geared up mod swords sheathing body visual weapons

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Hello Nexus Forum,


I had the idea to have two favorited 1h-weapons (in my case swords), that are not being dual-wielded, to both appear on the left side of my character at the same time (sort of like the "All geared up"-mod does it). So it is supposed to be mainly a visual representation, because as cool as two swords on the back look, as impractical it is to transport/quickly defend oneself with it (if adhering to a bit of realism).

The way I envision this mod to look like is sort of like the witcher [reference picture: https://gamecrastina...-YouTube11.jpeg] carries his swords on his back (even with the same proximity of the scabbards maybe) and just slap it on the left (or right) side on the "belt" of the Dragonborn. So again, like the "All geared up"-mod or the .ini tweaks but with them actually being two 1h-swords, that are not being dual-wielded and appear on either side (maybe configurable via MCM?) of the player.

That would be amazing for a "semi-realistic" vigilant/witcher type character [as realistic as it can get in a magical world full of dragons and other monsters :happy: ].


I am not sure, if this is possible and if not, a quick comment saying so would be greatly appreciated. 

However, if it is possible, I would like to ask whether or not a modder would be willing to create this (maybe as an add-on to another mod of the same nature) OR, if the process is to time consuming/ uninteresting etc., if someone could point me in the right direction of creating this myself? Because I don't have the slightest clue on where to start (I am not a mod-maker).


Any feedback/ help is greatly acknowledged/ appreciated on my part.


Thank you, for your time and consideration.

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