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Turrets bad


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Seriously. Turrets break so much logic here. Also it's too cheap and OP defense, blowing all the risk for your settlements away.


(inb4 it's a game, so relax)


a. they use gas as it seems, though everything is supposed to be nuke-powered (and there's no gas in the game)

b. they have INFINITE AMMOs!!! and require NO RELOADS EVER! They have a built-in magic ammo generator or what?..

c. they are super-accurate and always 100% distinct friend from foe. just HOW DO THEY DO THAT?!

d, stupid-4$$ raiders wearing rugs and metal plates and armed with pool cues actually have them in their camps! And can properly use them!


I'm saying, I'm okay with turrets at pre-war bunkers (though I still have questions to their IFF systems), but this is crap.


So a request is the following: can anyone please


1. REMOVE turrets from raider bases and such?

2. make remaining ones less OP - build by you included? Like actually require ammo at least? Overheat? Jam chances? Anything?


3. as for detection mechanics, I'd suggest narrower angle and attack on movement detection - like shown in Cameron's "Aliens".


4. Add sniper/machinegun nests instead. THey'd be more to the place.





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