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New Ex-Minutemen faction at Libertalia

minutemen libertalia raiders faction armor

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I'm not sure if this is an original idea or not, but I've never seen it mentioned so I thought I'd put it up to hopefully interest somebody actually capable of making it happen.

It's mentioned as part of the lore and on terminals that the raiders at libertalia are Ex-Minutemen and began their journey into raiding purely out of necessity rather than spite.

What we see in-game however is just another raider gang, completely identical to every other gang out there.

What I'd like to see is a name change for them to reflect their minutemen history. It would also be great to see some sort of unique armor, perhaps a tattered and ripped variation on the existing minutemen uniform, or even something like the brotherhood outcasts in FO3 where it's repainted or something.

Ideally they would also have some laser muskets leftover, as it seems unlikely they'd throwaway a powerful energy weapon over pipe pistols :P

As an offshoot of this, and perhaps not so lorefriendly, would be to have banners with a crossed out minutemen insignia or some sort of parody of it.

I'd make the mod myself but I don't know a thing about the creation kit so it wouldn't turn out well




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Interesting idea

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