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Looking for some mod that can edit allegiance/make you a fugitive

thalmor faction mcm bounty capture

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I've decided to begin to start a legit roleplay character in Skyrim, with a backstory and all.

I've come across a problem though.


Part of my guy's story is that he is an Argonian prisoner to the Thalmor and he escaped Northwatch Keep and is on the run, hiding his identity.


I do know that worshipping Talos can get some Thalmor after you, but I kind of want to be a fugitive, AKA occasionally I encounter some Thalmor soldiers, and they try to kill/capture me. (I don't really need the capture bit, but it would be a cool addon. Maybe DAYMOYL does it?)


So,yeah. Does anyone know of any mod that either:

  • Can edit the PC's allegiance (ally,neutral,enemy) for factions
  • Makes the Thalmor hunt you
  • Adds random Thalmor encounters

Thanks in advance!

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