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All my downloaded mods are not showing up in Nmm anymore Please help


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Hey everyone. First to ALL Mod Authors.. Thank You For ALL That you do. You make Gaming so so so much better.

Here is my problem. I've been using NMM actually any mods in general very new to the world of modding but i love it

and dont want to play any other way since for about 3 months now. and besides a few little glitches i was able to look up

and figure out its always worked great. But today takes me to a whole new level of lost and stressed. Ok so this morning I

started my game and opened NMM and i was asked to update, which i did as always. And never had an issue before.  

all was fine and normal, then my son needed help with his game on PS4. So I paused my game ( FO4 ) to be exact, just

so everyone can maybe refer to other issues with FO4 similar to this if any. So everything was fine for most of the

morning i was building up Red Rocket. and all the mods I was using and Ive had installed have been working great and normal.

also may I add that last week my Windows 10 Auto Installed the new Windows 10 Anniversary edition with out my knowledge.  

I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not but I feel I should explain as much detail as I can in case any of it does matter.

When I came back My game/Computer was froze up on the pause menu for FO4 I couldn't do anything. not even Task Manager.

So all i figured i could do is a Hard shut down if you will. used power button on my PC to shut down. Restarted and Launched my

game and it launched normally and played normally. Also I Use FOSE to play because some mods require that as you all may know.

So I've been using the  place anywhere mod. and I noticed that where it should allow me to place objects would not allow me to place

them. but what was more odd was that the object turned red where i couldn't place it, and also just to be clear i was trying to place it

within the workbench settlement allowed area. Totally inside the green out of area line. it was right next to the red rocket ceiling cover thing.

where the gas pumps are. all in all with the mod all objects stay highlighted white. even if you happen to pass the allowed settlement area

it just wont place and makes a different sound. Im sure most if not everyone beside those that never used that mod knows. but here the

object was highlighted red  . So i went to check NMM to see the issue and to my surprise and horror it would not launch I clicked and

clicked on ther tab and nothing at all. So I decided to unistall NMM and Reinstall it And when I opened it all my mods were not listed, not a

one. But all the plugins were there in the plugins tab and all checked. and i see all the mods in my FO4 data folder. Does anyone know

what could have gone wrong, how can I fix it. and I know I said i saw all the mods on the data file but Im not sure how or if I should try 

drag them back into NMM and if so would the Mod info I see in My FO4 Data files be the files I would drag back into NMM. if not where

would I find does files. please any info will help get me to the best resovle. Thank You All in Advance. 

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