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Specific Questions; Getting Started,Breaking Game Rules

morrowind help enchantments

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Yoha! So,for context; I downloaded and installed Apotheosis Reborn,hit the Heart with a Command Creature spell (From Aryon's Dominator),and smacked it around. According to the instructions,that should've turned me into a god. It didn't. My solution is to use the console to adjust my stats,and use the Creation Kit to make some clothes that offer the enchantment effects.


I really wanna do that,actually. Learning experience. Problem is,most of the tutorials for the Morrowind Creation Kit I find to be woefully inadequate,in another language (Russian,primarily),or assume I know what they're on about,which negates the need for a tutorial.


So,here are my questions.


1) When I select files to pull data from,do I select every mod in my load order (I use the MGSO,plus a few additions),a few specific files,or just Morrowind,Tribunal,and Bloodmoon?


2) In this earliest stage,do I select an Active File?


3) I know the Creation Kit can break the game's rules; I've seen mods that throw multiple wicked powerful enchantments onto one item that would never be able to support all of those enchantments at once,if the player attempted to use a soul gem to make them. I know that when making enchantments in the game itself,you're limited to eight different effects; Does this rule still hold true in the Creation Kit?


4) Would making my own enchanted item really be as simple as I assume; Make a new enchantment with effects I define myself in the Enchantment tab,then make a new item in the Clothing tab,then assign the two to eachother?


5) Is placing the items in the gamespace really as painful and annoying as I keep hearing?


I have a very specific objective. And I truly,honestly,cannot be bothered to work up the supposed "steps" many people suggest when it comes to mod making. I don't respond well to such an approach. I set a specific objective,then do it. So,point me to how I can get this one done,and I'll be a happy Nerevarine.

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