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Expanded Dragons, Bigger Battles

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Alright guys, here's the final dragonlord- Agboziikfel, lord of Whiterun. Isn't that a mouthful. I practice draconic, and I can barely pronounce it! So, in any case, without further ado, this brings an end to the creative stage of the first- dragon related -portion of my mod.


'Yol Toor Shul'- Fire-Breathing
'Fus Ro Dah'- Unrelenting Force [In the air]
'Wuld Nah Kest'- Whirlwind Sprint [On the ground]
'Zun Haal Viik'- Disarm
'Strun Bah Qo'- Storm Call [In the air]
'Lok Vah Koor'- Clear Skies [When attacked with 'Storm Call']
'Tiid Klo Ul'- Slow Time [On the ground]
'Dilon Kren Liiv'- Maga Burst [Translation: Dead Break Wither] {In the air} Think Ice Form, except you've been encased in semi-solid molten rock

Can cast 'Firestorm' [On the ground], 'Wall of Flames' [In the air], ''Dragonhide', 'Flame Cloak' [When health reaches %25]

"Thurri du hin sille ko Sovngarde!" Translation: My lord [Roughly] will devour your soul in Sovngarde!

"It's to be a real fight then. Good!"

"Tahrodiis aanne! Him hinde pah liiv!" Translation: Treacherous ones! [Him hinde- no english comparison] all wither!

"Nivahriin joorre!" Translation: Foolish mortals!

"Pahlok joorre! Hin kah fen kos bonaar!" Translation: Arrogant mortals! Your pride will be humbled!

"You dare to call yourself Dovahkiin?"

I'm envisioning his lair as being somewhere around Hamvir's Rest, probably above it. It will likely be nice a straightforward, and the dragonlord himself will likely prefer to fight on the ground, hand-to-hand, though if you start hurting him then he'll get up into the air. I imagine him looking a little like Alduin. And that's it. Unless some new, brilliant idea pops into my head, the dragon creativity is done, and now that it is done, I can move on to expand the world of Skyrim itself, giving new, interesting questlines and locations to its major cities.

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