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Welcome to the Sakura Dungeon forums on Nexus Mods.

We keep all discussion for new games to a single forum to make early discussion on the game easy to browse through and find. If the game becomes particularly popular on these forums then we will manually add more forum categories to help split up the various discussion topics a little bit more.

But for now, please chat about anything and everything related to Sakura Dungeon in these general discussion forums.

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I need to tell people this, but, after beating the Dungeon Lord, and summoning Izanami (lvl 70)!!!, with Yomi at lvl 59 and the rest of the party at 56-58, Yomi is the only one left, and i have this epic stalemate, where both sides heal too fast, but Yomi is detroying the gap insanely fast, and after about 30 turns gained lvl 63, Yomi is basicly soloing a boss monster 11 levels above her own, and winning, Yomi is super beast. Fun note #1: escape rate is at -999% Fun note #2: at lvl 65, Yomi REALLY kicks in the crit mastery and destroys the boss monster, if there was a scale of how beast people are, i have to put Yomi right below Saitama. I get it if whoever is reading this, thinks its no big deal, but i have played this game for days, and that is the biggest level difference victory i have come across, doubled the second biggest of 6 levels difference, so i HAD to write somewhere that Yomis Beast rating destroyed the scale. On the other hand, this game was very enjoyable, every character was amazingly drafted, and Yomi is obviously legendary.

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