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[ Request / Idea ] "Come Fly with me !" A Licence for Vertibird.

request idea vertibird vehicle overhaul crafting craft

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Hi everyone ! :happy:

Not so long ago, I crossed the road of a great looking mod... the "Vertibird US Army Retexture", offering us a complete retexture of our good old fly / chopper / coo-coo pre-war machine !
If you missed it, here's a link directly to this mod. Check it out, it's a superb work : [ http://www.nexusmods...t4/mods/19585/? ]


Seeing this amount of details that the modder put in here gave me chills, and brought back a wish that I had before "Fallout 4" was released : the fool hope to be able to fly the Vertibird, by ourself... Sadly, we all know that we can't pilot it, and that we can only be a " gunner "... And, I don't know your thoughts about it guys, but honestly, to me... it's dumb. I mean, who ever used the gatling of the Vertibird to deffend your vehicle, except for some scripted missions ( most of them being connected to the BoS ) ? If you did, you were quite lucky, for I never felt the tention of it... But then, I remembered that back in "Fallout New Vegas", WE HAD a mod to fly on board of a Vertibird : we were a pilot ! And this mod is nothing else but "Flyable Vertibird", by a god sent called Ermeso ! Here's also a link to the mod for more details : [ http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/45809/? ]


In my mind, the two merged into one crazy dream : What if we had the oportunity to find a vertibird to call it our own ? A Vertibird that we could personalize as we wish : from the painting, to the weapons [ like different calibers for the main gatlings, rockets, lasers, ect... ], passing by decorations : like fur dice or a bobblehead dog on the board screen. A Vertibird that we should repair when he's shoot down by raiders, mutants, or others ; that would need gasoline or nuclear materials ( depending of your point of view for the lore... actually : does anyone know what is the fuel of these things ? :huh: ). We could easily have a quest to learn, step by step, how to fly it ; how to repair it ; how to upgrade it... We could even making it so we have to find the different primordial pieces to repair it, in different locations in the map... All that to say, if someone made it in "New Vegas", I'm pretty sure that there's definitely a way for us to do the same in "Fallout 4"... But the question is : Who could work on such a project ?



Anyway, and as usual, thank you to have read my message until the end... And uh, also, if you are interrested by other "silly ideas" that I had, here's the link for two others that I posted some days ago, now...

( who knows ? Maybe some of you might have ideas for them to, or could even ba able to work on it ? ) :


-> [ https://forums.nexus...is-it-possible/ ]

-> [ https://forums.nexus...o-back-in-time/ ]


On that note, have a nice day / a good night ! :happy:

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Look up neutral vertibirds.


Can't fly them but you can build them, call them in and upgrade them.


i know mod developer that worked on a flight simulator for Fallout NV and 4 but a lot of things are buggy and they're taking a break from it.

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