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Skyrim Modern Clothing Mod Request

modern clothing skyrim casual jeans shirts shoes style

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Hello, I have been playing skyrim as long as anyone else, and over the years I have seen many great mods released, and many... er.. well not so great mods released, but in all these years I have not seen a single modern clothing mod that was decent quality, I understand it isn't "Lore Friendly" but when did that ever stop anyone from creating crazy mods that defy logic and reason and time and space and reality. Anyway, I've been fiending for a set of modern clothes that looked nice since the days of Oblivion, and I still haven't found one, also please do not link any clothing mods, I have seen them all after countless days and days of searching.

The clothing I'm looking for in particular are a "punk" or "alternative" style of clothing, skinny jeans, (Actual skinny jeans) band shirts, stylish shoes that would match that type of clothing, (black flats for girls, maybe skate shoes of some sort for guys) also, accessories would be amazinggggggggggggggg as well, wrist bands, maybe nice fitting sock hats, beanies, etc. facial piercings, snake bites, spider bites, lebret, (google them to see what I mean) also stretched ears, aka plugs, or... ugh, i hate this incorrect but more commonly known term "Gauges" for your ears. I'm sorry if I sound like a stuck up *censored*, I'm not trying to, idk how to say all this without sounding mean, I'm just trying to sound casual/precise at the same time. I'm really not a *censored* :( I just really want some modern clothes that look nice. 2k would be amazing, and 4k would probably make my ovaries explode instantly. Anyway if someone does want to do this I will post some screenshots and please feel free to ask/show me anything you have an idea for or a question for, I'll happily answer (: 



















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