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New to the Creation Kit Need Help

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I'm not exactly sure how to use and connect the texfiles...

I want to take this mod http://www.nexusmods...tion/mods/430/? and make it into a standalone weapon. So I added the (renamed) nif files to a new mesh weapon folder, and I added the textures files to a new file in the textures/weapon folder. I created a new weapon mod by duplicating the imperial sword, changed the stats, saved. Now how do I connect the textures from the linked mod to the new sword? I go under miscellaneous to tex files, pick any texfile rename it and edit...?




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You have to open the NIF files in a program like NifSkope. Then on the left you should see a section called "Block List" with a "> 0 NiNode". Click that to uncollapse it. Do this a few times until you get to the bottom most element usually called a "BSTriShape". Open up the "BSLightingShader" and under that should be a "BSShaderTextureSet."  In the Block Details section below you should now see a bunch of texture fields and some of them should be populated with file paths to the textures. This is where you "attach" the textures to various NIFs. Just change the path to match the textures you want to use. For example, I changed \textures\armor\ebonyarmor\m\EbonyArmorBodyM.dds to \textures\armor\crusaderarmor\m\CrusaderArmorBodyM.dds. If your textures did not come with _N or _M files, then leave the values there alone.

Hope this helps! I just recently learned how to do this myself and had success turning two replacers into stand alone mods for my own use.

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