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Vanilla(2011)-looking water flows on clean install?

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Hi everyone!


I noticed this morning in my happily modded version of SSE that the water was still appearing Vanilla(2011) style, and after scouring my relatively short mod list (only about 20 or so) I was unable to find what mod might be causing it. I decided to do a clean install and work forwards instead of backwards to find the culprit, only to then realize that the water looked Vanilla in a completely clean install (and clean new game).


Can anyone think of any reason this may be happening?


Edit: It looks like after a few more reinstall tries and doing things in different orders, I've fixed it. I'm also fairly certain at some point I failed to realize it actually was working (pulling up comparisons to look at in real time on another monitor helped) HOWEVER now I'm having a flickering water issue, complete with random black spots, but that's likely a mod problem as I've seen it come up in other discussions.


This is my current LOOT load order (with one or two tweaks). Surprisingly, Realistic Water Two wasn't the mod causing the problem. I'll test more tomorrow.



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