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Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul - Lockpicking Limits Question

ooo oscuros oblivion overhaul lockpicking ini

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So in OOO, they added restrictions to the player so that you cannot lock pick certain locks if they are too high of a level for you as a player. This is great, i love not being able to get into high level loot at lvl 1 anymore because that always seemed like such a BS workaround to free loot, also made the security skill completely useless (skeleton key?). What I'm wondering is if I can make the restrictions harder- I want novice to only be able to open very easy and easy locks, apprentice average locks, journeyman hard locks and expert very hard. 


Currently OOO lets you open lots with a skill level of 5 (up to average on some chests, any door- even very hard,) OOO only lets you disable the restrictions it already has in, and I can't seem to find an OOO INI to mess around with. Any thoughts on how I can restrict what locks you can pick based on your security skill level? 




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The vanilla lock picking mini "game" is broken by design, not to mention pointlessly trivial once you get the hang of it. You might want to try a lock picking mod. There are several:


Real Time Lockpicking


Morrowind Lockpicking


Zumbs Lockpicking Mod OBSE


Any of those should effectively limit which locks you can open, depending on skill, and have various options to vary the difficulty. They also remove the broken vanilla idiocy and make lock picking real time (infinitely more immersive). The first one, by Migck, is the most recent, I haven't tried that yet. I've used  Morrowind Lockpicking (slightly customized, since it has one or two small annoyances) for years. I've never used Zumbs.


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