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Breezehome fire - Horrible shadow bug coming from fire

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I'm having this really weird shadow bug only with the breezehome bonfire (might have happen to a lesser degre in one dungeon, but most places are fine, even those with similar fire ) As you can see from those screenshots, the regular fires gives normal/decent shadows on my character and the exact same type of fire, in breezehome makes all the polygons from the character super blocky:


normal fires shadows:



breezehome fire shadows:


Feels like the normal map is not being loaded properly while I'm next to the fire ( oddly enough everywhere else in the house, it's fine )


I do not have any mod that affects breezehome and those screenshots were taken less than a minute from eachother. Again this only happened with the main breezehome bonfires and one lantern in one dungeon (knifepoint mine I believe it was).

Does anyone has a fix for that? or am I just screwed until someone comes up with a breezehome patch?

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