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Display of Wealth/Bank/Player Home (Addition)?

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So you have completed skyrim for the 50th time, you have every item, every armour and completed every quest and to finish it all off you have a shiny new house from the people in the modding community to put it all on display to show of your achievements..

..and you have 1,000,000,000 gold in your pocket? Immersive Right?
Where does it go? How have you managed to keep it all and how can you show it off to all the sweetroll loving guards?
So here is what i have:
As i'm sure many of you have experienced already the nexus community has a wide and varied choice of player homes and npc buildings, but there is something lacking in my opinion or if its here already i am yet to find it.
What i would like to see is a display of wealth.
Not through giant homes or shiny armour im thinking that there is a bank somewhere in skyrim and that you can go into it and display your vast unneeded wealth in this bank.
The way i would imagine doing it (Keep in mind i have not ever made a mod) is by having this "Vault" and within this secured vault have an NPC called "banker" 
Now this is the cool bit (In my opinion)
You would have a few meshes of Gold piles varying in size possibly containing gems or gold bars?
So for the purpose of this lets say we have 5 sizes:
Now the banker would have a check on his inventory which would count as a safe container upon adding something along the lines of 0-1000 gold you would have Mesh #1 and 1000-5000 gold Mesh #2 and so on so forth.
Imagine it like some cross between the Fable Wealth Display System & Smaug's Hoard Within Erebor, Hell throw in a bit of Harry Potter Gringotts Bank Style of thing in there. I don't know a great layout but i think that an npc building or player home with this feature amongst all the weapon displays would really complete a true adventurers home with everything he has achieved on display.
Sit on your throne among the masses of gold you have collected from your spoils of war and adventure!
I mean who wouldn't want that?
Oh and if you could port it to XBONE that would be great but if not i would still love to see this happen.
Thanks Guys and let me know if you like the idea or not!



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