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Automatron Upgrade

automatron children of atom plasma disciples pack operators upgrade paint

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I'd like to start this by pointing out I am not demanding anything out of anyone, nor ordering people to do this, I'm simply exposing an idea of mine with hopes that someone with more capabilities and time than me can bring it to reality. It's just an idea exposition thread really.


Automatron is a great DLC, but  it can be improved by our community, and in my opinion, they missed out on the chance to release tie-ins with each of the other dlcs. As such, here are my ideas to rectify that
Pack Paintjob - messy colourful, as if someone threw random buckets of pain all over the bot.

Disciples Paintjob - Disciples colour theme, perhaps with some  blood splatters.
Operators Paintjob - Operator Colour theme. Bonus for bullet holes.


Plasma gear:
While there are plenty of laser and even Tesla weapons, there are no plasma ones, so perhaps adding an automatic plasma weapon, a sniper and a plasma caster would be great, together with an assaultron head that launches a stream of plasma instead of the laser. Having armour that increases the damage would be nice, but technically already achievable though the voltaic armour upgrades.

Assaultron Head Variants
Armours for the laser head that alter the damage type of the main head, for example:
Automatic Tesla head: Automatic fire of a tesla beam that jumps across targets
Plasma Stream : Turn it into a plasmacaster effect

Rotary gun: Bullets because why not.
Atom's word: Not sure if possible, but a rapid fire of gamma-gun rounds. If not an effect similar to Lorenzo's Artefact would be neat enough.

Devil's tongue: Flamethrower. I see the forged using this one.

Children of Atom
Through the game we do see some Children of Atom with robot companions, but unfortunately these are normal, untampered variants, which is...well boring. With the Far Harbour DLC out there, why not make them armour parts etched in a similar way as to the Zealot and Inquisitor Marine armour that increases Rad damage, or that gives ballistic and melee attacks rad damage. And an Assaultron head with a gamma-gun dish stuffed in its eye, releasing gamma bursts, perhaps similar to Glowing ones?

And those are my ideas for now, Might add more here later if I remember any. Let me know what you think!


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