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Somebody pls make this into a FO4 armour mod.

pony mlp power armour armour

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So I was thinking of armour in FO4,then I remembered how awesome the FOE power Armour from the grand pegasus enclave was.
It has a scorpion  tail and looks really meneceing. The idea hear is a mod designed to work with crimes against nature and normal human body,for both males and females.

So Im sharing links(becuase all the images were stated as "too big" to give you guys,some insight on what this looks like and so teh mod maker who tries this will get an idea on how this will look like,in fallout 4.



Now before I present the links to the images I want to go over how I hope the mod will work in game.

Aqurieing the armour can be at random and in certain places,there will be legendary varints.


The armour will be end game armour.

It will be a normal armour and a power armour.

bashing with the armour equiped will use the tail attack and your gun(and evan a couple of finsisher moves.)

the armour will increase agillity(depending on the variant.)

There will be difffrent paint jobs and options to make it look unqie with upgrades to the armour too.

There can also be times when the tail can block a meelee attack.

now Im not expecting this to all be done,this is hard stuff to do but it would be amazeing to do all of this.










ALSO NOTE!:None of this art is mine and all teh links go to the same site witch is a image boerd website for pony artist.

ALL the content is SFW.












If you made it this far then thank you I hope somebody can do this.

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