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Vampire PC, can't feed from NPC (Lydia & Marcurio)

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As a vampire, I can't feed from Lydia or Marcurio. Lydia is currently my housecarl and Marcurio's my husband. The prompt doesn't come up (Feed or Talk/Pickpocket) for either of them whether sneaking or using Vampire Seduction, or when the person is in bed. What's weirder is that it doesn't affect Lydia, she apparently resists it (I get the message "Lydia resists Vampire Seduction"). Interacting with Marcurio when he's affected by Vampire Seduction just opens dialogue.


I have placed a few follower faction NPCs near me to test what the problem is, and I can feed from them. I don't think I could feed from Marcurio even before he became my follower. I've tried a few things...


Redo LOOT order and bashed patch. Nothing.


Praestare Sanguinare spell in Better Vampires mod. Nothing.


Resetting and disabling AFT (Amazing Follower Tweaks). Nothing.


Paying off my bounty in Marcurio's home hold, which was the Rift. Nothing. So it's not related to the "bug" "[NPC name] has already caught you" that occurs when the player's sneaking around in a hold that has put a bounty out for them and trying to pickpocket NPCs.


I discovered this problem with Marcurio when I tried to turn him during the Dawnguard quest "The Gift". I've turned people for the Volkihar faction before, so I knew I would have to work around it, but I wanted to go through the motions first. The problem occurred before completion of The Gift, not after.


Load Order.


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