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ArtKing and Death_Penalty's Rules for RP-ing...

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Thankfully you are not like my old grammer teacher (now doing 20 in a max security prison in Australia somewhere). Only kidding!

Never played an RP before. I am carefully checking out the details of playing one. Reminds me a little of the Dungeon and Dragon role playing games (first generation DandD) that I played back in the early 1980s. I big weakness is deviating too much from the main story but I will keep a check on this.





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I hope no-one minds the post, and I doubt anybody's read this thread in a long time but...

I've introduced a bit of a screen-writing infused style into my RP here, keeping it on a similar format to a film script and with an emphasis on keeping things concise but detailed as this actually helps more while leaving just enough to the imagination. Of course, no one's really used to the idea just yet but, I'd like to see how it turns out and all. Part of my system also involves bolding and underlining names - this keeps it nice and clear as to who's being addressed in the story. Coupled with the script style of labeling dialouge this makes for an easier, more visually exciting read.
Anyway my RP should be up on the first page near the top, titled Fallout: Through dust and bone. There's an announcement thread up in the appropriate section too.

I would like to see some experienced RP'ers' opinions and suggestions on this new concept. Read the Announcement thread first so that you're cleared on the rules then check out the roleplay to see 'em in action.




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thank you, i will regard it as a good idea,
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I think I have got the best explaination. You are doing a great job!





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